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Let’s Strike Sparks Off Each Other: Funny Bios!

Believe in love at first sight or not – it’s a personal choice. But the fact that the first impression is the strongest, scientists have proved. This works in social networks. Therefore, the profile header on Instagram, made by all the rules, will lead to new followers. And the growing audience necessary not only for pleasure but also for earnings. 

Head of the profile on Instagram – the first impression of your profile. It is for these few lines of text that users determine whether to stay or leave. That is why it is necessary to approach its registration with the soul.

Tell users about yourself, list of services, call the working conditions, leave your contact details – that is what is most often used in funny bios on Instagram. But this is not enough. We have made for you a useful guide on funny bios on Instagram. Let’s read and know about all tips and tricks.

Funny bios: Why do you need it for? 

Before we continue the conversation on how to make a bio on Instagram, let’s think about why we pay so much attention to this topic. Experts on promotion in social networks assure that if such information is submitted correctly, it will be faster to unwind. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Your page will be primarily given by the search engine;
  2. The well-written and decorated text will attract new followers;
  3. Followers, having got acquainted with business information, will become customers.

If you’re having trouble filling in these fields, see how other, more experienced users do it. You don’t have to learn from the stars. It is not very important for them how to make a bio on Instagram and how to decorate it. From them, it will be enough photo and name. Better focus on ordinary people or bloggers who are interested in promoting their profiles.

Funny bio: What is it made of?

So, let’s turn to important components of any cool IG bios:

  • Photo. You can put comprehensive information about yourself, publish great photos/videos, but followers will not come to you if the avatar (photo) will have a bad image. After all, this is what they see when they first meet, not yet going to your page. So the more attractive the picture – the more transitions you get. Choose a quality photo, where you (or object) look the most advantageous, glossy. You can put something intriguing, unusual. 
  • Username. Username or nickname should be simple and easy to remember. Thanks to this, you will make life easier for yourself and future followers. Sometimes you have to type a nickname to, for example, restore the password to the page or return it after hacking. it won’t be easy if the username contains 15-20 characters. So the simpler and shorter the nickname – the better. If this is a personal page, use an abbreviation of the real name or alias. 
  • Text field. You can describe yourself in 150 characters. This is enough to briefly tell what you are doing, to give keywords. On the commercial page will be an appropriate slogan for your company, some principles of activity, offer to customers. If there is enough space, give options for communication.
  • Original fonts. Funny bios have also a non-standard original font with which you write information in a profile. There are special programs and applications for this task. Also, you can use smiles, emoji, and some other tools. Just do not overdo it, using them, and do not replace them with the whole text. Otherwise, there will be confusion and misunderstanding. 
  • Hashtags. It is clear that a couple of phrases do not convey everything about your life, business, activities in general. But the whole tape photos and videos can be transferred quite a lot. Create your custom hashtag and include it in your account description. What does it mean? You can upload to your feed 9 photos or videos, which will acquaint the user with yourself, with your business or activity in general. Specify under these “introductory” posts the hashtag that you have added in the profile description. Now, users who click on the tag link in your bio will see the feed from your introductory posts, which will allow them to learn more about you.
  • Links. If you want to make a business out of your Instagram profile, share your contacts. Do not forget about the convenience of users. In the header often indicate the address, email, phone, profiles for communication and give a clickable link.
  • IG stories. Another option to increase the attractiveness of the profile is to post stories. These are bright circles that are immediately below the description and before the publication tape. Such albums can serve not only as a decoration of the page, but also perform important functions. They can put a price, give a catalog, show a master class, report the results of the action, competition or drawing, talk about yourself and your business, answer questions from followers. 
Funny bios

Judge for yourself to make a bio on Instagram by all the rules, it will take quite a bit of time. You will spend no more than half an hour on it, and your acc will be attractive for at least six months or a year.

Funny bios: Common mistakes 

People who have come to your acc prong to notice not only your videos and photos but on the profile data as well. So, It is quite difficult to explain universally what to write about yourself on Instagram.  Therefore, it is important to avoid the following errors:

Item 1. We not recommend you to use hashtags in the bio, cause they are still stay inactive. A large number of incoherent keywords, which are often trying to replace hashtags, also does not make sense and only irritates among visitors.

Item 2. Do not try to make the nickname unique by replacing the letters similar in spelling. This technique is often used by scammers, which will cause unnecessary suspicion, besides, it will make it difficult to find your profile.

Item 3. It is not desirable to specify in the profile, and especially on the avatar, your political views, attitude to religion, sexual orientation, and so on if the page is not connected with this. Firstly, for such, it is really to get banned. Secondly, it will scare away followers with the opposite opinion. Is there really nothing more to write about yourself on Instagram?

Item 4. It is necessary to monitor the relevance of this information, especially for companies. Customers are don’t like being misled, pointing to an outdated address, telephone number, or the price of the service. Do not abuse capital letters. They are useful only when you want to highlight something important.

Funny Instagram bios

It is desirable to indicate what you have achieved in life, but only the truth! Deception is easily revealed, and all credibility will evaporate. It is also useful to place a link to your other projects in your profile. Some people advise using URL shortening services to save space, but this method has the opposite effect – the user does not see exactly where he goes, which can not but cause suspicion.

The description of the company’s services should be creative, understandable to the client, but it should not be too informal – this will raise doubts about the seriousness of the organization.

Funny bios: Several lifehacks with links

The active link to the site can be changed. For example, this month you want to make an action on some product. Then change the link to another site, lead people directly to the landing page with the goods. And for the duration of the action, change the description.

Say “no”:

  • Happy mothers and wives.
  • Boring “lifestyle” and “love photos”.
  • Account bios, which are repeated in thousands of other users.
  • “High quality”, “wide range” and “affordable prices”.

If you do not have a website, the active link can be used as follows: refer to your post-acquaintance, post “answers to the most frequently asked questions”, a useful post that a person wants to keep.

If you have a business profile, there is a separate line for the location in the settings, use it and don’t waste symbols.

Funny bio ideas for Instagram: What is acceptable?

How many people, so many funny bios on Instagram. Someone prefers to tell as much as possible about yourself, and someone only opens the veil of secrecy – shares a favorite quote, for example.


I have collected for you some Instagram bios ideas and seasoned them with examples and divided them into categories. Feel free to use these phrases in your bio. Copy-paste, easier to get. Or maybe one of them will push you to create your mini-masterpiece. In any case, it will be useful.

The funny bios for a personal blog:

  • They’ll write about me in history books.
  • Yes, another Instagram blogger, but what!
  • You can always be better!
  • Turning dreams into plans.
  • Life is what happens around you while you’re sitting on Instagram.
  • Everything here is not only for a beautiful picture. This is my life!
  • I turn dreams into goals and goals into reality!
  • I’m not perfect, but it’s even more interesting.
  • High standards and heels!
  • Happiness never goes out of fashion!
  • Risk. I cultivate the spirit of adventure.
  • All days can’t be perfect. But there are good things in every day!
  • Happy thoughts of a happy person!
  • I will lead you to success!
  • Join us.
  • So much inspiration in one profile. You need to follow it!

Funny  bios:

  • I’d rather take your dessert than your boyfriend.
  • I’ll grow up someday. But not today.
  • Life is short. I smile while all my teeth are in place.
  • Marital status – TV series and ice cream.
  • My bags under eyes from Chanel.

Bios for business:

  • Best deals in one scroll.
  • If you’re in the dark, you head for the stars!
  • Results. Without water!
  • That’s something new!
  • List your target and get ready to take off!

Bios for the sphere of fashion and beauty:

  • Bright image as a reflection of bright life.
  • Shopping is my personal therapist.
  • The right dress will make any woman special!
  • We create beauty every minute!
  • Beauty is my source of happiness!
  • Everything that is beautiful is really useful!

Bios for fitness and sports:

  • Do you want to give up? Then keep going!
  • I’ll teach you to do what you thought was impossible.
  • No excuse. Act!
  • The figure in the head, then on the plate!
  • Muscles are my religion!
  • Overcoming yourself!

Bios for travel sphere:

  • Maybe I don’t know who I am. But I know exactly where I want to be.
  • Hot greetings from Paradise!
  • I have not been here yet – added to the list!
  • Travel is the only purchase that will make you richer!
  • Use every opportunity, the second chance may not appear!
  • Fill your life with experience!

Bios for the food pages:

  • Give a taste of life!
  • Higher culinary arts!
  • Food tastes better if you cook it right!
  • Only special dishes are your favorite.
  • Appetite comes early.
  • Food is a unique form of love!

The result will be satisfied, I promise!

Feel free to make a “zest” in the bio of your IG profile. Think about what you can do better than others. Beat this advantage using your vocabulary, as well as all sorts of means to decorate the text: a beautiful font, smiles, links, hashtags, etc.

Final word 

Instagram is a free social network that offers the ability to quickly publish various visual content (images and videos). Among the visitors, 79% are young men and women with an active life position. The material here is distributed at a very high speed, so many people use this site primarily to promote themselves or their project.

The profile description is the first thing your visitors see on your page. The first impression on potential followers is made by the bio. Your Instagram bio is your face. The main goal of your profile is to attract new followers regularly. Numerous examples of how to fill in the profile header on Instagram will give tips for creating your style and original story. Make sure you create a great first impression. Funny Instagram bios will help you with this.

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