Instagram will start hiding ‘Like’ counts for users in Canada

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Too good to be true? You don’t have to purchase or subscribe for anything. Instagram is fighting back against automated apps people use to leave spammy comments or follow then unfollow others in hopes of growing their audience. Instagram is also hoping to discourage users from ever giving another company the login details to their accounts as this can lead to them being hacked or having their account used to send spam. The renewed vigor for policy enforcement comes amidst the continuing threat of foreign misinformation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram designed to polarize communities and influence elections in the U. The New York Times this year found many well-known celebrities had stooped to buying fake Twitter followers from a company called Devumi.

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Instagram has officially hidden likes from users in Canada, and we have all the info you need about this major change to the platform. As rumored, Instagram is indeed getting ready to roll out a test that hides “Like” counts from people looking at your pictures and videos. The company made the announcement at Facebook’s F8 developers conference , where it revealed that it will start doing this with users in Canada next week. Upleap connects you with a dedicated account manager, who engages with people on Instagram. Grow your likes, followers, and social exposure. Upleap customers grow their personal accounts and influencer accounts with steady, organic growth. And when we work with businesses, our account gurus drive more sales to their online stores. Become an Instagram superstar and get all the followers and IG likes that you want in an instant! Take a look at this list compiled by the community for resources for you to boost your Instagram accounts likes.

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