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The Simplest Way To Find Instagram Hashtags

I’m sure you have put hashtags in your captions at least once. This tool is the cheapest and easiest way to streamline interested people on your account and get a higher reach. Are you still guessing hashtags? This might be a time-sink, and I know the more comfortable way out. I’ll explain to you how to automate the daily hashtags research and make it professional with the Hashtags Generator I use for Instagram.

Let’s grasp the advantages you shouldn’t miss and in-depth guide on how to use it!

4 proofs the Hashtags Generator is effective

I’ve explored many online tools developed for generating hashtags. But this one is the most advanced, user-friendly and also free. Here are the perks I find useful:

  1. Opportunity to type on any language and symbols. You can research hashtags regardless of the location you promote in. This will make your set more diverse.
  2. 12 mln hashtags database. The Generator scans the vast library of hashtags to suggest you the best options. The collection is updated regularly and cleared from banned hashtags.
  3. Classification of hashtags by the difficulty. This rating is helpful when deciding which hashtags to include in the set. You should make it diverse to increase your chances of getting into the TOP.
  4. In-depth hashtags stats. You can follow the link on any hashtags and view how many minutes or days posts appear in the TOP. The estimated competitiveness will help you to get more views and predict your chances.

Full-fledged tutorial on Hashtags searcher

As long as you finish the registration, follow my steps. The research is straightforward and effective!

#1 Keys detection

Record keywords and phrases correlated to your post. Don’t stick to the image, and you can also add words related to your niche and business type. Separate 5 keys with commas and paste into the Finder:

Keys detection

The more relaxed approach is to try an AI-based searcher. You just need the link to some of your posts. Also, you can upload a photo, and a Finder does the research for you. But this method only analyzes the image content.

#2 Use the formula when mixing

hashtag generator for instagram

As you see now, the hashtags belong to distinct groups. We need some of each category, but don’t do it randomly. Follow the main proportion:

High (1-3) + Medium (5-9) + Low (12-20) = 30 allowed hashtags

This rule is important cause your image will have higher chances to get to the top of the more rare hashtags. Niche hashtags or Low hashtags are less competitive, almost never contain spam, and should make the biggest part of your combination.

#3 Create numerous combos

When the first combination is ready, generate the sets for future posts. Also, you can try to switch the order of hashtags and add fresh and modify the set after several hours you posted the primary set. Testing and exploring is the best strategy.

I suggest that you generate the combos for every product and location you work with.

#4 Monitor the effectiveness

When you applied hashtags in a new way, examine the effects. Has the post’s impression increased? Have you got more followers and profile views? I hope this worked cause the right combination can boost your reach up to 3 times.


All in all, you get a better idea of how to increase your posts’ views and get organic followers interested in your content. The Hashtags finder by Toolzu is a convenient tool that is more efficient than guessing. Neven stop trying new combinations of hashtags – they are regularly added, and you should stay tuned. Try it right now!

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