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Fill out the form below, or call us at Each time they post, we all go crazy, sharing and commenting—and sometimes even making new friends along the way. But who are the most followed celebs on Instagram in so far? Earlier this month, BlackPink made history when they became the first K-pop group to be included in the Coachella lineup. Instagram is one of the most popular social media network worldwide. With 67 million people using Twitter every month, it’s a tough job to get the most Twitter followers out of everyone.

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See The Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram In 2018 — Find Out Who’s #1

Jun 7, – Selena Gomez may not be the most famous person on this list, but she’s the original queen of Instagram, reigning since December Oct 29, – Up until now, the title of the most-followed celebrity on Instagram has gone to Selena Gomez, who not only boasts a robust social. If you are wondering who has the most followers on Instagram these days, we give you celebrity, athlete, singer, or influencer, Instagram has become the go-to.

Instagram isn’t just a place where you can see what your friends are eating for lunch anymore. About this statistic. Show source. Thanks to social media, everyone can have a following. In a world so obsessed with social media, being the most followed on any social platform seems like a really big deal.

Login Signup. Instagram released its Year in Review on Wednesday, which highlights the most-liked posts, top hashtags, and most-used filters from the past year. Gomez is the most-followed celebrity on Instagram for , holding onto her title from last year and adding 24 million new followers in the process. When talking about most followed accounts on Instagram, all that comes to mind is a celebrity. Some celebs even have Instagram follower counts that are higher than the population counts of entire nations.

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Instagram has a new celebrity Queen! Selena Gomez has lost her spot as the most-followed woman on Instagram. The Wolves singer has been beaten out by fellow pop star Ariana Grande. During that time span, Ariana has ended her relationship with Pete Davidson and reigned the pop charts with her latest ep Thank U, Next. Ariana has also remained active on the site, using it to get closer with her fans. Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. We all kinda have a vague idea about who the King and Queens of Instagram are — with stats constantly being published about Christiano Ronaldo’s ridiculously intense Insta following and Selena Gomez dominating the heck out of the Instagram charts. When talking about most followed accounts on Instagram, all that comes to mind is a celebrity.

Cristiano Ronaldo has overtaken Selena Gomez as the most-followed person on Instagram. The Portuguese footballer now has ,, followers on the photo-sharing platform, whereas the pop singer had just ,, at the time of writing. Instagram is one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms.

After Facebook and Twitter one more social networking site that succeeded in spreading its roots in India is Instagram. Yesterday afternoon, Ariana Grande was nearly tied with Selena Gomez for being the most followed woman on Instagram. Both women had over million followers, with Gomez holding a slight edge over Grande.

In the world of Instagram , musicians, reality stars, and soccer players rule. Business Insider has compiled the most followed people on Instagram for , and well-known faces like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian top the list. Bio: Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. Actor-singer Selena Gomez has been the undisputed queen of Instagram since when she overtook the crow from her close pal Taylor Swift. However, her recent break from work and social media has led her to lose the title of the most followed person on the photo and video-sharing app. Instagram and Twitter are constantly buzzing — people lose and gain followers on social media on the daily.

29. Emma Watson—49.6 Million

Facebook used to be the social media platform everyone wanted to be on, but these days, especially for celebrities, Instagram has absolutely taken over. Overall, Instagram has an impressive user base, having reached a billion monthly active users in June of This list contains the top 50 accounts with the most followers on the photo and video-sharing social platform Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed individual, with over million followers. Fifteen accounts have exceeded million followers on the site. The following table lists the top 50 most followed accounts on Instagram. The following table lists the top 15 most followed accounts on Instagram by country of origin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whether we use it to keep up with our friends or to follow our favorite celebs , Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms of all time. Skip navigation!

The year is still young, but a couple months in Instagram Time can feel like eons so many selfies, so little time.

Email address:. Instagram may have only been founded in , but the photo-sharing app has quickly risen to become one of the most popular forms of social media. The most followed account on social media app Instagram is its own, with more than m followers from across the world. It shares pictures and videos from its army of users, from art projects and photoshoots to dogs and hedgehogs. New styles on www. With celebrities announcing marriages, babies, music and more on the social media platform, it’s safe to say it all went down on IG this year and celebrities have the increased following to prove it. Well, you’re just going to have to scroll on down to find out! Speaking of the number of followers, Instagram has gone really crazy! Over 1 billion people are using the platform and everyone wants a piece of it. In any social media, the list of people who have the most followers often consists of celebrities.

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Instagram started off its in an unusual way. A picture of an egg took center stage and became one of the most liked posts on the social media platform.

The year is still young, but a couple months in Instagram Time can feel like eons so many selfies, so little time. Selena Gomez lost an Instagram title today, although just barely. Selena Gomez was previously the number two most-followed celebrity on Instagram, and the most-followed woman on the platform. Now, a different female celebrity has taken the number two spot on this list with

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